How to Wear the Untied Shoes Look

The untied shoe look has been popular in the hip-hop world for years with rappers like Jay-Z rocking this style on boots and sneakers. This no-fuss style has even found its way into athletics. Former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson's affinity for untied sneakers earned him the nickname “Shoelace.” Sporting the untied shoe look is a simple way to add your own personal flair to your favorite pair of kicks.

Lace your shoes up to the eyelet of your choice. Any lacing method works, though if your laces are extra long, an over-under, crisscross method helps to shorten the length.

Put your shoes on and pull the laces as tightly as you desire. Often with the untied shoe style, the laces are worn especially loose at the top two to three eyelets.

Tie a knot at the topmost right eyelet. To do this, place a pointer finger next to the shoelace at the eyelet. With the opposite hand, wrap the shoelace once around the pointer finger. Insert the tip of the shoelace through the loop and pull all the way through to secure the knot.

Let the right end of the shoelace hang loose. If the shoelace is too long and will drag on the ground, tie an additional knot or two at the eyelet to shorten the lace.

Tie a knot at the topmost left eyelet using the same method. Keep the left end of the shoelace from loosening as you walk.