How to Keep Converse Shoe Tongue From Bunching

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A bunching sneaker tongue is one of life's inevitable annoyances. No matter how adept you are at lacing your Converse sneakers, the tongue will bunch from time to time. The canvas tongue of a Converse shoe is exceptionally wide, which makes it susceptible to bunching. There is a foolproof method for lacing your sneakers to keep the tongue from becoming a nuisance. Incorporating the trick into your lacing routine will keep your Converse as comfortable as they are fashionable.

Loosen the laces before you put on the sneaker.

Hold the shoe with one hand. Put your other hand inside of the shoe. Reach toward the toe.

Slide your fingers around the base of the tongue. Pull it straight. Run your hand up the tongue, smoothing the material as you go.

Hold the outer edge of the tongue taut. Slip your foot into the sneaker. Lift the tongue as your foot slides into the shoe.

Maintain your firm grip on the tongue. Wiggle your foot to make it comfortable in the shoe. Run the index finger on the hand holding the canvas around the top perimeter of the tongue to ensure it is flat. Let go of the tongue.

Tighten your laces and arrange them as needed. Tie your shoe snugly. Repeat the process with the other shoe.