How to Remove Jibbitz on Crocs

Available in a wide variety of colors, designs, characters and animals, Jibbitz allow you to customize your Crocs. Jibbitz are plastic charms or decorations which can be inserted into the holes of your Crocs shoes. The backside of the Jibbitz is slightly larger than the Crocs holes, to ensure they don't fall out. Since Crocs are stretchy, the holes can stretch to accommodate the Jibbitz as it is being inserted. They can be inserted and removed as desired.

Insert your hand into the Crocs shoe, so your finger is resting on the back of the Jibbitz.

Push the Jibbitz upward from inside of the shoe.

Wiggle the Jibbitz through the hole in the Croc shoe with your other hand while you are pushing it outward with your hand inside of the shoe. Continue wiggling until it is pops through. Do not pull upward or you may tear the Crocs hole.