How to Change the Soles on Nike Air Force Ones

Nike's Air Force One is a basketball shoe that implements Nike Air technology, which uses pressurized gas to inflate the sole and provide improved cushioning and balance to the wearer. Air Force Ones are available in many different colors and styles. The insoles of the Air Force One can be replaced with other insoles in three simple steps.

Reach into the inside of one of your Air Force One basketball shoes. Grasp the front of the insole, using your fingers. Carefully peel back the insole until it's completely detached from the shoe.

Repeat the process from step one with the other shoe. Completely remove the old insoles from the shoe after they are detached.

Insert the new insoles into your Air Force Ones. Place the insoles into their respective tennis shoe with the toe side facing forward. Once they're inserted, smooth the insoles flat, using your hands.