How to Keep Sperrys From Creasing

Sperry is a brand of nautical-themed apparel and footwear. Among their offerings is the boat shoe, which they claim to have invented in 1935. The Sperry boat shoe, like any other shoe, can be preserved if cared for properly. By purchasing shoe care equipment and storing the shoes in a safe place, Sperry boat shoe's leather can look newer longer, and you can reduce the chances of developing creases.

Purchase a cedar shoe tree. A shoe tree is a mold that is shaped like the inside of the shoe. Once inside, the tree preserves the shoe's shape. According to the Container Store, cedar shoe trees also absorb odor and moisture from the shoe. The shoe trees can be purchased at most retail shoe stores.

Insert the cedar shoe trees into each Sperry boat shoe. Place the toe piece inside the shoe first, and place the back part into the heel.

Store the boat shoes in an area away from direct heat. According to Johnston & Murphy, keeping leather shoes from direct heat keeps the leather from drying out and creasing.

Use a shoe horn when putting on leather shoes, advises Johnson & Murphy. They also suggest giving leather shoes at least one day of rest after every day you wear them.