How to Keep an Ugg Boot's Shape

Evan Agostini/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ugg Boots come in different styles, many of which include a tall-boot upper that can lean over and crease when not being worn. Frequent pulling and stretching to put the boots on can also take its toll on the soft sheepskin material. Keeping the shape of Ugg Boots is a matter of caring for the material and maintaining the shape while the boots are not in use. A little stuffing in the boot will help prevent it from losing its form.

Clean the Ugg Boots with a suede brush to remove dust and dirt. Keeping the material clean will also help the boots keep their shape.

Stuff loosely balled-up tissue paper into the toe of each boot. Put enough tissue paper into the boot so that it looks as if there is a foot in it. The tissue paper will help keep the boot's toe from sinking and creasing

Roll up a thick magazine -- tightly. While holding the magazine, and being sure to keep it rolled tight, stick it into the boot all the way to the heel.

Release the magazine when it is fully in the boot. The magazine will unroll until it fills into the form of the boot. The magazine will help keep the top of the boot from leaning while not being worn.