How to Keep Toes From Squeezing Out of Peep-Toe Shoes

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Peep-toed shoes, as the name implies, are supposed to show just a sliver of toe, not the whole shebang. So when you find your foot slipping forward in your shoes, what should you do? Knowing the 411 on peep-toes will help you to keep your feet from slipping and sliding and let your toes peep, not pop, out.

Snag a shoe insert to keep your foot from sliding around in your shoe. Available at most shoe stores, a pack of shoe inserts usually contains between two and four inserts. Don't worry about them peeling off; they're generally too sticky to come off unless you remove them yourself. Place the insert where you'd like the ball of your foot to stay put and the grip will keep your foot from sliding forward.

Stop by a shoe store and have someone measure your feet; you may be rocking the wrong size. Believe it or not, your shoe size can continue to change past adulthood as a result of various factors. standing for long periods of time can cause feet to swell, increasing shoe size, says the National Institute on Aging, part of the National Institutes of Health. A study published in the American Journal of Physical Health and Rehabilitation in March 2013 found that pregnancy can cause the arch of the foot to weaken, leading to a change in foot size that could be permanent.

Go to a cobbler as a last resort. If your shoe size is correct, there could be something about the structure of the shoe that just doesn't jibe with your foot. A cobbler can examine the structure of your shoe, check for any problems and adjust accordingly from the inside.