How to Stretch Your Shoe Heel

Woman tying shoelaces on tennis court

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Whether high heels, sneakers or flats, shoes that are too tight are uncomfortable and can cause problems with your feet. Blisters may develop on your feet from wearing shoes that are too tight in the heel area. You don’t have to throw away a good pair of shoes or return them to the store just because they’re too tight in the heel. You can stretch the heel of shoes with simple home remedies.

Put two pairs of thick socks on your feet. You can put additional layers of socks on your feet, depending on how tight the shoes are and how much you want the heel to stretch.

Squeeze your feet into the shoes. If you absolutely cannot squeeze your feet into them, take off a pair of socks so your feet fit.

Apply heat from a blow dryer to the heel area of the shoe for two minutes. Flex your toes and bend your feet as you’re doing this to help with stretching.

Leave the socks on for a couple of minutes until the shoe cools down.

Fill two zippered bags with water and set one of the bags into the heel area of each shoe if your shoes are still too tight. Put the shoes in the freezer overnight. The water freezes and expands, stretching out the shoes.