How to Measure Your Feet With a Regular Ruler

by Blair Foy ; Updated September 28, 2017

Wearing properly fitting shoes is a good way to keep feet healthy.

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With the variety of fit that each shoe type can have, you could have a bit of difficulty finding the size shoe that fits you best. Even if you know your general shoe size, daily activities, diet and medical conditions can affect physical symptoms such as swelling or water retention in your feet. Ensure that you have the best fitting footwear possible by measuring your feet with a regular ruler to determine the most accurate measurement of your foot size.

Sit in a chair and put your feet on the floor in a position where your knee is bent at a 90-degree angle. Your feet should rest directly underneath your knees.

Place a separate piece of paper underneath each foot. For measurement purposes, place each foot in the middle of each sheet of paper.

Trace each foot. To ensure a proper measurement, hold a pencil in a perfectly vertical position and keep it against your foot the entire time.

Measure each tracing at the two tallest points with a ruler. Determine the length of each foot in inches.

Reduce your measurement by 1/5 of an inch. This measurement is the number you can apply to a shoe size chart to determine your correct shoe size.


  • The best time to measure you feet is at the end of the day. With the activity and walking done during the day, feet are largest in the evening. Measuring them at this time ensures your shoes will not end up being too small. Wear the style of socks that you will be wearing with your shoes when you measure your feet. Sit in a non-carpeted area to measure your feet. It will make tracing your foot much easier.

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