How to Measure Ankle Circumference

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The difference in knowing your exact ankle measurements versus guessing is the perfect fit that accompanies a custom-order item. Ankle measurements are useful for ordering one-of-a-kind shoes and boots, tailoring pants and certain sporting outfits, such as wetsuits. Measuring the ankle is a simple procedure; however, finding the exact spot for the best measurement may prove difficult if you do not know where to measure. The measurements can be done by yourself, but if you feel that you cannot get an accurate measurement, turn to a professional for help.

Purchase a flexible tape measure that will wrap around the ankle. Flexible tape measures provide a more accurate measurement because they conform to the ankle, unlike structured tape measures.

Stand with your legs apart; do not sit. The ankle needs to be flexed to record an accurate measurement. When sitting, it is not flexed, and the measurement may be incorrect.

Wrap the tape measure horizontally around the narrowest part of the ankle. The tape measure should be snug but not too tight or too loose.

Move the tape measure up and down the ankle to ensure you have the smallest part of the ankle for the best measurement. Record the measurement.

Repeat the steps a second time to double-check the measurements.