How to Decrease the Padding in a Bra

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A woman can change the way her clothing fits by wearing appropriate undergarments. One undergarment that every woman wears is the bra. Although bras come in a variety of different styles and sizes, many contain some sort of padding. If the bra fits well but the padding is too much, then consider reducing it. This process is uncomplicated and can be done in minimal time. Most interior bra pads are sewn between the fabric, which makes them easy to remove to shave down to your size.

Lay the bra on a flat surface with the interior of the cups facing upward. Feel around the interior of the cups to ensure the padding can come out. Typically, padding is placed between the front cup liner and the interior cup fabric. The padding is not sewn into the fabric.

Use a seam ripper to pull apart the seam along the outer wall of the bra. This seam line is located along the left and right sides of the bra.

Slide the padding out from the seam line using tweezers. Place the padding on a flat surface. To decrease the padding, cut a small portion off using a paring knife or other sharp knife. Trim the padding into a similar shape as the current shape.

Slip the padding back into the bra and sew the bra back together. Use a straight or zigzag stitch to sew the seam line.