How To Alter Bras

Woman's hands fastening bra

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Altering your bra so it fits properly is essential to providing you with both comfort and adequate support. Every woman's body is shaped differently, so even if you've bought a bra in the proper size, it may need a bit of altering in order to fit. Most bras are have adjustable straps and three rows of adjustable eyelet fasteners in the back, but sometimes even these adjustments aren't enough to ensure your comfort. There are other tricks you can employ to make sure your bra fits so well, you barely even know you're wearing one.

Lengthen the width of your bra's back by hooking an elastic bra-extender to the eyelet hooks on the back of your bra. You can give yourself an extra inch of comfort without having to buy a new bra.

Work with your straps to find the right length. Some women may have different strap adjustments on each side, so don't feel the need to keep your straps even if you're uncomfortable. Adjust them to provide yourself with the best amount of comfort and support.

Hold loose straps in place with a strap securer. Strap securers slide onto the back of your bra straps and can be slid upward or downward to provide you with more support from your straps.

Pinch together straps that are too long while you are wearing your bra and tighten them with a safety pin. Once you have a comfortable fit, remove your bra and sew the strap with a needle and thread for a permanent adjustment. Make sure the thread color matches the thread in your bra.

Place adhesive nipple covers on the inside of your bra cup to hide your nipples underneath your bra. Some bras are so thin that you can't

Slide padded shoulder cushions onto your bra straps and slip them into place on your shoulders. Some bras dig into and irritate your shoulders because of the tightness in the straps. A padded shoulder cushion is thin enough to be disguised under your clothing, while still providing some relief from tight straps.

Wear your bra inside out if the threads rub against your skin and cause irritation.

Insert push-up pads into your bra cups if the cups are too large for your breast size. Sometimes women find themselves in between traditional bra cup sizes, and the low-end size is too tight. The higher size may create wrinkles under your clothing, but you can smooth out the wrinkles and give your breasts a boost with push-up pads.