How to Put on a Coconut Bra


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Coconut bras, grass skirts and tiki bars conjure images of a Hawaiian luau, despite the fact that none of these items belong to traditional Hawaiian culture. Still, if you want to set a kitschy party mood, passing out silk leis and coconut bras is one way to achieve a festive tone. Made from real coconuts, coconut bra sizes can vary, so if you have a need for larger coconuts, it would behoove you to make your own bra. Coconut bras come with adjustable strings that allow you to tighten and loosen the fit.

Wear a snug t-shirt or tank top if you prefer a more modest coconut bra look.

Place the bra upside down on a table or a flat surface. The rounded sides of the cups should rest on the table. Sort out the strings, two at the top and two at the bottom. Remove any tags or tangles.

Pick up the bra by the bottom strings and place the coconut shells around your back. Position the bottom strings around your midsection, pull them together and tie in a simple bow, like a shoelace bow.

Ease the tied string around the back and position the coconuts over your breasts. It may help to lean forward and ease your chest into the cups. Men should cover their nipples with the coconuts.

Grasp the top strings and gather them at the back of the neck. Tie the strings together but not too tightly. Your coconut bra should not put stress on your neck.