How to Make a Coconut Bra

You don't need to be stranded on a deserted island like Mary Ann and Ginger to enjoy a coconut bra. You never know when a coconut bra might come in handy. Whether for a costume party or your own personal fun, a coconut bra is an interesting accessory to have. Instead of having to buy one, you can make it yourself.

Clean the coconut. Make sure that all of the coconut meat is removed. You can use a large spoon at first and then use a small sharp knife to get out the tiny pieces. You might need to “shave” coconut. You can use a knife or scissors for this.

Choose the ties to use on the coconut bra. Using twine or leather strips is an option. Get creative. You can use lace or ribbons for the ties as well. Whatever material you choose for the ties, make sure it is sturdy enough to be tied and support the weight of the coconut bra.

Attach the ties to the coconut. Using a small drill, make two holes on opposite sides of each coconut. Make sure the holes are level. If you don’t have a drill, you can use a knife or an ice pick to make the holes. Thread the ties though the holes and knot them securely.

Decorate the coconut bra. Add rhinestones or pearls. Seashells would be a nice touch. For a more risqué look, you could add pasties with tassels. You could even paint the coconut to match what you will be wearing with it.