How to Store Coconut Macaroons After Baking

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While the traditional French macaroon is a delicate almond meringue cookie, its cousin, the coconut macaroon is almost completely opposite -- a big, chunky morsel of chewy, coconut goodness. Coconut macaroon recipes vary greatly, but the basic preparation combining sweetened, shredded coconut with egg whites, sugar and vanilla or almond extract and baking spoonfuls of the batter until the coconut is lightly toasted. If you kids don't eat them all at once, store the cookies properly to retain their freshness.

Step 1

Allow the macaroons to cool completely on a wire rack after removing them from the oven. Storing cookies of any kind while they are still warm causes condensation that makes them attractive surfaces for mold growth.

Step 2

Place the cooled coconut macaroons in an air-tight container. This prevents humidity in the air from affecting the texture of the macaroons.

Step 3

Keep the container of coconut macaroons for up to one week at room temperature. For long-term storage, wrap the individual coconut macaroons tightly in plastic wrap and place them in a freezer-safe, air-tight container. These cookies can keep for at least three months in the freezer.