How to Put on a Long Line Bra

by Andrea Lott Haney ; Updated September 28, 2017

A long-line bra shapes the torso and waist in front, while providing bust support for backless dresses. Some long-line bras offer a strapless option for revealing evening wear or wedding gowns. For best fit and comfort, purchase your long-line bra using your usual bra size or have a specialty store associate perform a bra fitting if you are not sure what size you need. While properly wearing a long-line bra, your back and bust should feel supported without strain or discomfort.

Stand facing the long-line bra and line your breasts up to the cups.

Pull your arms through the straps, if applicable, and slide your breasts into the cups of the long-line bra.

Ask a second person, such as your Maid of Honor or a partner, to fasten the bra in back.

Adjust the long-line bra and its straps until your breasts fill the cups and the waistband runs around you parallel to the floor. A waistband that pulls upwards may signal that the bra doesn't fit correctly. Try fastening the bra on a tighter closure if possible.


  • If your lower tummy bulges out a bit from underneath the torso-slimming long-line bra, try wearing a waist-shaping undergarment on your bottom half that comes up high enough to meet the bra. Put on the bottom undergarment first.

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