How to Measure a Strapless Bra

by Artesia Peluso ; Updated September 28, 2017

A professional consultation is not needed to get a strapless bra that fits properly.

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Strapless bras are a versatile piece of lingerie, but if you haven't found the right size or fit, your strapless bra is sure to either constantly slip or cause bulges. Don't get intimidated and toss your strapless to the back of your lingerie drawer -- there's a simple solution for getting the right fit. Make a trip to your nearest lingerie shop for a brassiere consultation, or measure yourself at home.

Stand straight and centered, placing your legs shoulders' width apart. Breathe as normally as possible.

Measure the circumference of your body, with the measuring tape wrapped directly beneath the bust. If your measurement is a fractional number, round up and add 4 inches to even numbers and 5 inches to odd numbers. Write down the number -- this is your band measurement.

Put your bra on. Hold the measuring tape across the nipple, and measure completely around your body without pulling too tight. Write down the number.

Subtract your band measurement from this measurement to calculate your cup size: 0 equals an AA cup, 1 equals an A cup, 2 equals a B cup, 3 equals a C cup, 4 equals a D cup, 5 equals a DD cup and 6 equals a DDD cup.

Combine your band size and cup size to find the perfect size strapless.


  • The average woman changes bra sizes six times throughout her life. Many factors affect a woman's bra size measurements, including pregnancy, birth control and weight fluctuations. To make sure you're wearing the right bra size try to measure yourself at least once a year.

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