What Is the Cup Size of Someone With a 33-Inch Bust?


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Breasts come in different shapes and sizes. Choosing a bra to lift and support all of the right places depends entirely upon correct measurements. The cup size of someone with a 33-inch bust depends on the person.


Approximately eight out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size.


Women should measure first to determine their correct bra size. Many women choose bras with vanity in mind. Go for comfort and fit rather than the size you wish to be.

Band Measurement

Measure your band size by starting with a cloth tape measure at your back. Make a circle around the front, just above your bust. This measurement is your band size.

Bust Measurement

Measure your bust from your back to the fullest part of your breast. This is your bust measurement.

Cup Size

Subtract the band size from your bust measurement. Zero inches is AA, 1 inch is A, 2 inches is B, 3 inches is C, 4 inches is D, 5 inches is DD and and 6 inches is DDD.


Determining the cup size of a person with a 33-inch bust depends not only the bust measurement but also the band measurement. Use both measurements to determine the correct size.