How to Sew a Bra Into a Wedding Dress

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Weddings are a mixture of excitement, joy and stress. Every bride's pre-wedding agenda should include troubleshooting to consider embarrassing moments due to a wardrobe malfunction. One worry is alleviated when her bra is sewn into the bodice of her dress. Knowing that she has comfortably accentuated her figure adds to her radiance. One less worry equals a more meaningful ceremony, relaxed wedding pictures and a fun reception.

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Purchase a comfortable strapless bra. Consider shopping at a specialty store and ask for help in fitting your bra. If possible, take your wedding gown with you to try over your selected bras.

Launder your bra according to the garment's directions.

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Brush up on your sewing skills. Either use your wedding dress bra or another comfortable strapless bra, follow the given steps, and sew the bra into a dress that has a bodice constructed similar to that of your wedding dress. An accurate and helpful sewing tutorial is "General Sewing Techniques" at Even if you are an experienced seamstress, it is still a good idea to practice.

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Pin the bra to the bodice of the wedding dress. While wearing the bra and gown, have someone assist you in pinning the bra to the bodice lining of the gown. Be sure that you and your assistant wear protective gloves, as you want to keep from soiling the gown with oil from your hands or blood from a pin prick.

If your gown is strapless, pin the top of each bra cup 3/8 to 1/2 inch from the top edge of the gown. If the gown has you well covered, then pin the top of each cup where it feels comfortable for the bra to ride. Pin each bra cup along the sides of the gown's bodice in its seam allowance if possible. Pin the center front bottom of the bra to the gown, and pin each side of the bra's closure to the edges of the zipper opening. Take off the gown with the bra connections intact.

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Use a few basting stitches to tack the bra to the lining of the gown's bodice. Tack the top of each cup in place. Tack the cups along the outer side of each cup as well as along the bottom of each cup. Make a couple of basting stitches along the breast bone area, especially along the bottom. Tack each side of the bra's closure along the edge of the gown's zipper. Remove the safety pins.

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Try on the gown and move around. Practice your dance steps, sit, and basically make movements that you'll anticipant making at your wedding.

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Adjust your bra if necessary. Carefully remove the first basting stitches. Baste where you made adjustments. Try on the gown again and put it through the previous testing suggestions.

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When you are pleased with the fit, hand stitch over your basting to secure your bra to the bodice lining.