How to Make a Dress Poof

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Add poof to your skirt inexpensively with tulle. The net-like textile is found at craft stores and boasts excellent poofing abilities when layered under a skirt or dress. Attaching the material is simple, and only requires a sewing machine or needle and thread. The amount of tulle you want to attach is up to you; however, the more tulle you use under the dress, the larger the poof. In addition, once the tulle is complete, you can add a liner between the tulle and legs to prevent scratching.

Flip the dress inside out, so the inside seams are exposed. You will work directly with the waistband seam. The tulle will attach to the seam and gently slope outward.

Use a flexible measuring tape to measure the inside diameter of the waistband seam. Use this measurement to cut the appropriate amount of tulle.

Lie the tulle on a flat surface and cut it the same length as the interior dimensions. Pin the tulle into the seam.

Begin sewing the tulle to the interior seam with a sewing machine set to a large zig-zag stitch, or thread a needle with nylon thread and sew by hand. As you sew, remove the pins and set aside.

Flip the dress to the “right” side to see the poof. If the poof is to your satisfaction, use fabric scissors to trim the tulle 1-inch above the hemline. There is no need to hem tulle; the fabric does not fray when cut.

Flip the dress inside out if you want to add additional poof. You can add more poof one of two ways: at the waist line, or to the center of the first layer of tulle. Adding more tulle to the waist may give the illusion of larger hips, depending on the cut of the dress; to do this, repeat Steps 2 through 4. Adding tulle to the center of the first layer of tulle is simple and creates a gradual slope outward, when dressed.

Measure up from the bottom of the tulle to the center of the first layer of tulle, and mark this area with a black marker or fabric chalk. Repeat the measurement in several places on the tulle so you can “connect the dots” when you pin the inner layer of tulle.

Pin the tulle to the center of the first layer of tulle according to the measurements. Sew the second layer of tulle to the first layer with a needle and thread.

Trim the tulle at the bottom of the skirt to match the first layer of tulle. Flip the dress to the “right” side.