How to Make a Scalloped Lace Crop Top

by Kirsten Nunez ; Updated September 28, 2017

Festival season is the best time to rock lace crop tops.

How to Make a Scalloped Lace Crop Top

Lightweight lace works especially well on warm and sunny days, making it a natural choice for summer fashion projects. Most lace fabrics are made with a beautiful scalloped edge that is just as intricate as the lace itself. To incorporate scalloped edge lace into your look, try this simple sewing project for a fun and flirty top. It's the perfect piece for the beach, the pool or your next festival getaway.

Things You'll Need

  • Strapless jersey bra
  • Lace (at least 1 1/2 yards)
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric scissors
  • Thread
  • Straight pins

Place the jersey bra on top of the lace. The distance from the bottom of the bra to the scalloped edge determines the final length of your crop top. This project measures 13 inches from the bra to the edge.

Cut the lace around the bra. Add at least 5 inches on each side and 2 inches on top.

Using this piece as a pattern, cut three additional segments of lace.

Layer two lace pieces together. Along the top, make two consecutive 1-inch folds and pin in place.

Sew across the fold.

Place the lace on top of the jersey bra. Position the lace 3 inches past the left side of the bra. The extra length of lace on the right side allows you to create ruffles.

Remove the case near the bobbin compartment of your sewing machine. It is easier to sew garments without this case.

Sew the lace to the bra. Using your right hand, lightly pull the bra's elastic as you sew. Pulling the elastic creates a ruffled effect.

Pull the elastic band of the jersey bra to make sure the ruffled lace stretches properly.

Turn the bra over. With the last two pieces of lace, repeat Steps 4 through 9 to add lace to the back of the bra.

Flip both lace panels above the bra so that the "front" sides of the lace meet. Add pins along each side. The pins should line up with the bra's side seams.

Sew down each side.

More Tips for Making a Scalloped Lace Crop Top

Use a jersey bra in the same color family as the lace. Soft, thin lace works best for this project, as it is more comfortable to wear than stiff lace.

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