How to Decorate Your Knitted Scarf

Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Jazzing up any standard knit scarf by adding personalized details and design elements will not only make the knit more elaborate, but it will set the wearer apart from the crowd. The embellishment of your knitted scarf is limited only by creativity. One method to decorate a knit scarf is to add fringe and colorful beading to the ends. Layering different textured fringe and sewing exotic beads to the yarn will make your scarf a true original.

Pull the crochet hook down through the final knot in the scarf binding and out the end. Determine the desired length of the fringe. Cut the amount of desired length from the yarn.

Fold the cut fringe in half and loop it through the crochet hook. Pull the hook back up and through the end binding and carry the yarn through the knot to make a loop.

Wrap the remaining fringe around the crochet hook and pull it through the loop. Pull to secure. Repeat on all end knots so the fringe runs the length of the scarf.

Cut bead thread between ten to twelve inches. Thread beading needle and loop thread to double the strength and tightly knot.

Pull thread through the underside of the scarf, add bead of choice and pull the thread back to the underside. Slightly separate the yarn on the underside and pull three smaller fibers from the yarn. Wrap the thread around the three pieces and pull to secure.

Knot the thread around the three sections and pull to secure. Repeat with any additional beading.