How to Make a Mesh Chain and Charm Belt

by Kirsten Nunez

Metal waist belts make the ultimate festival fashion accessory.

How to Make a Mesh Chain and Charm Belt

Embellish your favorite dress with a bohemian-inspired chain and charm belt. This accessory makes a bold statement by itself, so your outfit needs little to no additional jewelry.

Things You'll Need

  • Mesh chain (The mesh chain should be long enough to fit around your waist plus 2 inches.)
  • Strong craft glue
  • Safety pin
  • Large lobster clasps (2)
  • Key chain rings (2)
  • 7- or 8-mm jump rings
  • Lightweight charms
  • Cutting mat
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Scissors
Step 1

Open the safety pin. Position it on top of the chain, 1 inch from the end and 1/8 inch from the bottom.

Step 2

Push the safety pin down until it pierces the chain.

Step 3

Open a jump ring with the jewelry pliers.

Step 4

Attach the jump ring to the hole.

Step 5

Add a charm to the jump ring.

Step 6

Close the jump ring. For extra security, slide the ends past each other.

Step 7

Continue adding charms by repeating Steps 1 through 6. Stop adding charms 1 inch from the opposite end.

Step 8

Add one large clasp to one key chain ring.

Step 9

Position the chain "wrong" side facing up. Fold the end of the chain around the key ring to make sure 1/2 inch folds over the key ring.

Step 10

Add glue 1/2 inch from the end. Be sure to apply glue in a well-ventilated area.

Step 11

Fold the end of the chain over the key ring and onto the glue. Leave it to dry completely. Use a binder clip to secure the end of the chain if needed. Repeat Steps 8 through 11 at the opposite end of the chain.

Tips for Making a Mesh Chain and Charm Belt

Hook the two clasps together when you are ready to wear your belt.

For best results, use lightweight charms in a thin, simple shape. Mix and match charms for a custom look.

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