How to Make Wire and Beaded Jewelry


If you are tired of always wearing the same jewelry, or just want to get involved in a new hobby, perhaps you should try creating some jewelry of your own using wire and beads. It's a fairly inexpensive craft to take up, and the end product is quite nice. It will take a bit of practice to get used to working with wire but, after following a few beginner wire jewelry patterns, you will be ready to create your own.

Find a simple, beginner design for the type of jewelry you wish to design. Earrings are probably the easiest for wire and bead jewelers just starting out. Find a design that doesn't incorporate a lot of twists and difficult looping techniques.

Cut an adequate amount of wire (of the proper gauge) to create your jewelry design. Most of the time, you will want to cut the wire with the flat end still on the spool of wire, so it will not cut the next user. Make sure you don't cut too much wire to start with because it will be cumbersome to work with. For most rings and earrings, you will only need a few inches of wire for the project.

Straighten the wire. It is easier to make precise bends and loops in wire once it has been straightened. To do this, you want to use jaw pliers because these are flat and made to press wire. The jaw pliers can also be used to straighten wire that has been misshapen, or to harden wire designs by clamping the design into place.

Follow the instructions carefully to design your chosen type of jewelry. You will be making loops, figure eights, and angles in the wire, and each step must be done carefully to ensure the piece of jewelry ends up looking like you want it to. It is very important to make sure you harden wire designs in place after you get them to look the way you want. This will ensure your design does not work its way loose when you are working on it or wearing it.

Add beads to your design. In many wire and bead ring designs, you will be adding a bead as a separate part on a small wire that is inserted into the main ring piece. In some other types of jewelry, such as bracelets, you will incorporate the beading into the wiring, by stringing the beads onto the wire as you work, creating loops in the wire with beads on those loops.