How to Make Silicone Bracelets at Home

Silicone bracelets are a hot trend. Different types of people and organizations all over the world are creating these bracelets to represent themselves. Although you can order these bracelets, you can also make them at home if you have the right materials. Making your own bracelets will help you to express yourself and can help you start a silicone bracelet business, if you would like.

Order your bracelets. Although you can print the word or saying that you want on your bracelet, it will be easier for you if you first buy blank bracelets to work with. Choose your color or colors and order the amount of bracelets you will need.

Choose the phrase you want to use on the bracelets. Before beginning to put your saying onto your silicone bracelet, make sure that the phrase will fit. Test out different words and sayings until you know what you want on your bracelet.

Decide on your printing method. To make a silicone bracelet from home, you can either emboss, deboss or screen print the words onto your bracelet. The screen print will probably be the easiest option.

Use your printing machine. Set the words into your screen print machine, set the blank bracelet into the machine and start the machine. Give the machine time to print your words onto your bracelet.

Check the bracelet to determine if it turned out how you had hoped. After you have completed your first bracelet, look to see if it is what you want. If you are satisfied with the result, make as many bracelets as you like.