What Is a Pendant Enhancer for Jewelry?

black pearl necklace close up image by Roslen Mack from Fotolia.com

A pendant enhancer can help make an old necklace look new or just add some sparkle to an existing chain or strand of beads or pearls. Available in many different styles to fit all tastes, pendant enhancers will allow you to get more different looks out of the items in your jewelry box.


Pendant enhancers are used to attach pendants to beaded or wide necklaces for which a traditional bail (the pendant's loop) is too small to fit.

Metal Type

Pendant enhancers are made out of many different types of metals. However, precious metals such as gold, white gold and silver are most commonly used for creating pendant enhancers.


Pendant enhancers range in style from minimalistic designs to elaborate ones featuring diamonds and other precious stones. Some are created to allow wearers to use existing pendants on beaded strands, such as pearls, while other designs incorporate the pendant and enhancer into one piece.


Pendant enhancers generally fall into two categories: pendants designed with an extra-wide bail or a U-shaped piece of metal used to attach a regular pendant to a beaded or wide necklace. The former has a wide opening, or bail, that can accommodate larger sizes of chains than traditional pendants. The latter attaches a separate drop or pendant to the necklace or chain by hooked ends, allowing the pendant to hang naturally.

How to Use

Designs featuring a wide, closed bail are easily threaded onto a chain and are ready to wear. Those with a split bail should be carefully opened with fingers or jewelry pliers and slipped onto the necklace. Use fingers or pliers to close gently so the bail won't slip off accidentally. Loose pendant enhancers used for existing pendants need to be threaded through the pendant's bail. The ends should be adjusted so the pendant hangs properly and the hooked ends slipped onto the chain and closed. If using on beaded necklaces, the ends should be placed on either side of the center bead.