How to Extend a Toggle Clasp Bracelet

It is always frustrating when you discover your favorite bracelet is a bit too small. Often this piece will end up in a box for years waiting for someone to fix it; however, with just a few supplies, you can extend a toggle clasp bracelet yourself, allowing you to use it again.

Simple Steps for Extending Your Bracelet

Purchase the correct type of jump ring. Jump rings are wire rings used for attaching jewelry components. They can be soldered or open. Use open jump rings for this project. Find jump rings that match the metal of your toggle clasp. Look for jump rings between three mm and six mm for the extension. You can find jump rings at almost any jewelry or craft supply store.

Measure your wrist, and then measure your bracelet to figure out how much longer you need it to be. Remember the toggle has to be pushed through the ring of the clasp to fasten it, so measure at least an extra centimeter for ease of use. Examine how the clasp is attached to your bracelet. If built properly, the clasp should be attached via a jump ring. Figure out how much length you need to add to the bracelet and divide that length in half.

Open the jump rings holding the clasp by grasping each side of the opening with your pliers and carefully pulling one side of the ring toward you and pushing the other side away in a twisting motion. Create the smallest opening possible to avoid weakening the metal. If you have jewelry pliers, the inside of the nose will be smooth so it won’t scratch metal. If you have to use regular pliers, wrap the ends with electrical tape to keep the teeth from damaging your jump rings. Remove both sides of the toggle clasp.

Figure out how many jump rings you need on each side of the bracelet to reach the correct length. Create a chain of jump rings by attaching them to each other. Attach your new jump rings in equal number on each side of your bracelet until you have reached your desired length. Fasten each side of the toggle clasp to the ends of your jump ring chains. When you close your jump rings, use minimal force to keep from crushing the rings.