How to Open Pandora Clips

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Pandora bracelets are sold to women all over the country; the bracelets are used to collect charms you can wear on a daily basis. Many women choose the charms for their Pandora bracelets based on sentimental reasoning. Others simply choose charms they find pretty or fun. Either way, your bracelet is uniquely yours with the exception of opening the clip to put your bracelet on or take it off; most Pandora bracelets open the same way.

Locate the clasp of your bracelet. Insert one of your fingernails into the clip, and apply light pressure to the inside of the slot where you placed your nail.

Use a second fingernail to pry the clip open by placing it into the same slot with your other nail, and gently applying pressure upwards.

Pull the clip the remainder of the way open once it pops open. Put your bracelet on or take it off and reclip it by clicking the two sides of the clip together.