How to Adjust Persol Sunglasses

Persol is a brand of sunglasses that are handmade and known to be stylish and expensive. Based on the fact that their initial cost is on the high end, repairing them can be quite expensive. Take the time to learn a few basis steps in regard to adjusting and doing minor repairs on your Persol sunglasses and you can save money. You can also save the time that it takes to send them back to the factory for repairs.

Purchase a standard repair kit for sunglasses that includes screws, a screwdriver, small tweezers and nose pads. Buy the kit at department store or store that specializes in eyeglasses. Purchase the items separately based on your need if they are available that way. Use genuine Persol replacement parts if they are available to maintain the value of the sunglasses.

Locate the small screws that attach the arms of the Persol sunglasses to the frame of the sunglasses. Tighten the screws if they are loose. Replace the screws with matching screws if they are stripped or otherwise bent or broken. Set the glasses on a hard flat surface to ensure that they are straight and level after you adjust them.

Locate the nose pieces of the Persol sunglasses and attempt to move them back and forth to test whether or not they are loose.Tighten the screws that attach the nose pieces if they are loose. Replace broken nose pieces. Position the glasses on your face in a position that is comfortable to determine how you need to adjust them.

Bend the frames carefully into position if they are warped or bent. Carefully manipulate the frames without breaking them. Test fit the glasses on your face to ensure that they are straight and secure.