How to Repair the Lens on Chanel Sunglasses

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If you need to repair the lens on your Chanel sunglasses, you have three options. However, you must be sure that the sunglasses are authentic. All sunglasses purchased at authorized Chanel eyewear vendors include a two-year warranty against defects. This warranty can be found within the eyewear case in the form of a certificate stamped and dated by the dealer.

Return to the Store of Purchase

Take the sunglasses with accompanying sales receipt to the store where you made the purchase. The store will be able to fix the lens, send the sunglasses off for repair, or if it is within the time of their store return policy, give you a new pair.

Return the sunglasses to your nearest Chanel boutique. To find your nearest Chanel boutique, visit

Call (800) 550-0005 to speak with a Chanel customer service representative. They can provide you with further assistance or advise you where to send your sunglasses for repair.