How to Replace Fossil Watch Glass

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Fossil is a company that sells watches for both men and women. Consumers also have the option of building their own watches if they don’t find exactly what they want in Fossil's existing line. Many Fossil watches can cost $100 or more, and they are under warranty for 11 years after the date of purchase. To avoid damaging your Fossil watch and to avoid voiding your warranty, you should get all repairs, including replacing broken or damaged watch glass, done by the company.

Read your warranty information carefully to find out if the damage done to the Fossil watch glass is covered. In general, damage caused by an accident or negligence is not covered by a Fossil warranty.

Find your sales receipt. You will need to include proof of purchase when getting the watch glass replaced by the company. If you ordered your Fossil watch directly from the company, contact the customer service department at 1-800-842-8621 and a representative can assist you in obtaining a copy of your receipt.

Fill out the Fossil Watch Repair Form, located in the resource section below. When you are asked to describe the problem, be sure to mention that you would like the watch glass replaced and whether or not you determined this damage should be covered by your warranty.

Mail your broken Fossil watch with the Watch Repair Form to the Metro Service Center, ATTN: Repairs, at 10615 Sanden Drive in Dallas, Texas, 75238.

Include payment for the repair when you mail your watch and the Watch Repair Form. The amount of payment required will be listed on the Watch Repair Form. You can include a check or money order or write your credit card information on the form for payment.