How Do I Return Oakley Sunglasses for Repair?

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Oakley, Inc. is a manufacturer of sunglasses and other eyewear, based in Foothill Ranch, California. Knock-offs and imitations of Oakley products occasionally crop up in other stores. To avoid ending up with a cheap copy, purchase your Oakley sunglasses from an authorized dealer.


An original receipt, or a copy of it, is needed to return sunglasses for repair or replacement. Prescription sunglasses need to go back to the authorized dealer where they were purchased. Non-prescription sunglasses must be returned directly to Oakley.

Covered Defects

Oakley will accept responsibility for all defects in the manufacturer's workmanship. They do not cover lenses scratched due to wear and tear.


Oakley provides a one-year warranty on prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. Anything past that date is not covered.


To contact Oakley regarding the return of non-prescription sunglasses, call Customer Care at 800-403-7449.


Non-prescription sunglasses returned to Oakley must be packaged in a cardboard box. A return address and a warranty tracking number, obtained from Oakley, must appear on the outside of the box. A copy of the original receipt, a brief statement of the defect and the customer's name, address and telephone number should be inside the package.