How to Replace a Braun 7505 Battery

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The Braun 7505 SyncroPro is an electrical shaver for men. This particular model uses a NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) battery. This is a rechargeable cell that periodically needs to be replaced. The replacement of the battery for this shaver is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps.

Purchase a new NiMH battery. These batteries look like standard AA alkaline batteries, except that they have the ability to be recharged. NiMH batteries can be found at any local electronics shop.

Open the packaging for your new NiMH battery after purchasing. These batteries are often sold in multiples, so be sure put the unused fresh cells in a cool and dry place that you can remember for future use.

Remove the battery cover on your Braun 7505. Take out your expired battery and dispose of it at a Braun Service Center or an appropriate collection site for recycling rechargeable batteries.

Insert a new NiMH battery cell into the battery slot of your shaver. Replace the Braun 7505 battery cover.

Connect your power cord to the Braun 7505 and plug it into your power outlet. Charge your battery that is housed inside the Braun 7505 SyncroPro shaver to full capacity and use at your discretion.