How to Change a Titan Watch Battery

Titan, an Indian manufacturer of watches, has been in business since 1989. Titan offers various models of wristwatches for consumers, including the Edge, Automatic, Zoop, Orion and Obaku. The battery that powers a Titan watch, like many other wristwatch brands, can be accessed by removing the back plate. Keep your Titan watch in a very clean area so as not to get dirt or dust in the assembly when changing the watch battery.

Remove all screws securing the back plate to the watch assembly on your Titan watch. Unscrew them with your mini=]-=[screwdriver set and set them aside. Use tweezers if necessary.

Remove the back plate from the watch assembly with your Bergeon case back opener. Make sure to fit your Bergeon opener with the proper chucks; it should have chucks for watchcases that are grooved, polygonal, slotted or those with holes. If you cannot obtain a Bergeon opener, you may be able to pry the back plate free with a sharp knife, but be careful not to force the knife in and cut something.

Remove all seals or any other instruments covering the battery in the watch assembly with a pair of tweezers. Note every instrument’s configuration within the watch assembly so that you can replace them exactly after changing the Titan watch battery.

Unscrew any screws securing the watch battery to the Titan assembly. If the Titan only has a spring clip holding the battery in place, use your tweezers to gently free the clip from the battery. Note the polarity of the lithium battery in your Titan watch before removing it.

Lift the lithium battery away from the Titan watch assembly with your tweezers and set it aside.

Place your replacement lithium battery in place in the Titan watch assembly. Make sure that the battery’s polarity is lined up in the same way as the battery that you just removed. Replace either the screw or spring clip holding the battery in place.

Replace all seals and other instruments removed to access the battery so that they are in their exact original configuration.

Fit the back plate in place on the Titan watch assembly and secure by replacing the screws that you removed earlier.