How to Change the Battery in a Bulova Accutron

The bulova accutron is an electromechanical watch that uses a tuning fork powered by a small battery to keep time. This makes the watch accurate, as well as a collectible timepiece. If you've recently found a vintage Bulova Accutron that no longer functions, try replacing the battery as the first step to repairing the watch. Most Accutrons use a 1.55 volt silver oxide battery, which can be installed quickly and easily.

Position the watch facing down on a clean, flat surface. Remove the battery hatch with the small flat bladed screwdriver. If your Accutron has a cover on the back, you'll need to remove this first by unscrewing the four small screws before removing the battery hatch.

Tip the watch over to remove the old battery. If the battery does not come out easily, use the tip of the screwdriver to remove the battery gently from the battery bay.

Angle the new battery downward so that the lowest edge of the battery is closest to the outside edge of the watch case. Slip the new battery into the battery bay with the positive ("+") symbol facing down.

Press down on the center of the battery with the tip of your finger to ensure that the battery is seated and touching the bottom contact.

Replace the battery hatch by screwing it into place, tightening it with the small flat bladed screwdriver. Do not cross-thread or over-tighten the battery hatch. If you encounter any resistance while screwing the hatch down, remove the hatch and ensure that the battery is seated correctly in the battery bay before replacing the hatch. Replace the back cover, if necessary, fastening it into place with the four small screws removed in step 1.

Tap the edge of the watch sharply against your palm or knuckles to jump-start the tuning fork timekeeping mechanism, if needed.