How to Change a Timex Ironman 30-Lap Battery

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The Timex Ironman 30 wristwatch is loaded with features like stopwatches, chronometers and multiple alarms to help you better monitor your athletic performances. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned athlete, the Timex Ironman 30 is a reliable timepiece with something for everyone. When the battery in your Timex Ironman dies, you can replace it at home in just minutes. You'll be timing laps with your Ironman 30 again in no time.

Use your optical Phillips screwdriver to remove the four screws that hold the back of your Ironman 30 watch in place. Place the screws on a small magnet and set them aside until you are ready to replace them.

Pry off the back of the Timex Ironman 30 with a flat case opening tool or an optical flat-head screwdriver. Move the watch's back cover out of the way while you complete your watch repairs.

Locate the round sticker on the inside of your Timex Ironman 30 watch. Lift the sticker to reveal the watch's battery. Reserve the sticker so that you can replace it later.

Lift the metal battery strap that holds the battery in place. With your other hand, use the optical flat-head screwdriver to pry out the old watch battery.

Insert the replacement battery into your Timex Ironman 30 watch. Release the metal battery strap to hold the battery in place. Cover the battery and battery strap with the protective sticker.

Snap the watch's back cover back into place. Replace the four screws and tighten them with your optical Philips screwdriver.