How Do I Change The Battery in a Casio Edifice?

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The Casio Edifice is a combination analog and digital wrist watch with features like multiple alarms, a chronograph, tachymeter and the ability to display the time in 29 different cities around the world. With regular wear, your Casio Edifice watch battery can last for more than a year. When its time to replace your Casio watch battery, the process is so quick and simple, you'll wonder why you ever spent $50 to have your battery replaced by a jeweler. Note that not all Casio Edifice watches are battery powered; some run on solar power and do not require traditional batteries.

Replacing the Battery in a Casio Edifice

Replacing the battery in your Casio Edifice wrist watch is a quick and easy watch repair. Start by selecting a clean, flat work surface like a desk or table; make sure to give yourself plenty of room. Accidentally scratching the face of your watch during repairs is common. Protect your Casio Edifice watch face from scratches by laying it face down on an optical cleaning cloth while you replace its battery. Use an optical-sized screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the watch's back cover. A magnetic-tipped optical screwdriver is particularly helpful when working with the extremely small screws. Remove the back cover of the Casio Edifice to reveal the protective round rubber disk. This disk helps keep your Casio Edifice watch water resistant, so take care not to lose it while replacing your watch battery. The battery in your Casio Edifice is held in place by a metal battery strap. Insert the tip of a pair of small nail tweezers into the clasp on one side of the battery strap to release it. With the battery strap out of the way, you can easily remove the spent battery and replace it with a new one. Putting your watch back together again is just as simple. Reverse the process by pushing on the metal battery strap to click it back into place. Return the protective round rubber disk to keep your Casio Edifice water resistant. The final step is to replace the watch's back cover. Simply replace the screws in the Casio Edifice back cover and tighten them.