How to Adjust Relic Watch Bands

by Megan Mattingly-Arthur ; Updated September 28, 2017

Adjust the band of your Relic watch to a comfortable custom fit.

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Manufactured by Fossil, Relic brand watches provide wearers with fashionable, user-friendly watches at affordable prices. If your Relic watch band is too big, you may not have to take it to a jeweler to have it adjusted. Many Relic watch models feature wearer-adjustable bands. In most cases, even the Relic watch bands that weren't intended to be adjusted by the wearer can be adjusted at home with the right tools.

Relic Adjust-A-Link Watch Bands

Lay your watch face down on an optical cleaning cloth on a flat work surface, like a desk or table. The soft optical cleaning cloth will protect the face of your watch from being scratched while you adjust your watch band.

Find the links on the side of the band without the watch clasp. Note the small tab in the center of each watch link.

Use an optical-size flat-head screwdriver to pry up the center tab of the last watch link. Lift the tab to open the small clasp that secures the last link to its neighboring link.

Remove the last watch link. Repeat the process to remove additional links, if desired.

Relic Link Pin Watch Bands

Spread an optical cleaning cloth over a flat work surface to protect the face of your Relic watch during link adjustment.

Look at the last link on the side of the band without the watch clasp. Note the small pin that joins the last link to the link next to it.

Use a link pin removal tool, or a thumbtack, to push out the link pin that holds the last watch link in place. Repeat the process to remove additional links, as needed.


  • Keep removed watch links and link pins in case one of your watch's links gets scratched or damaged.


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