How do I Adjust Lorus Watch Straps?

watch image by petar Ishmeriev from

The Lorus watch bands are traditional metal links. Some of the links are removable so you can adjust the size of the band. While it is best to allow a professional to remove the links for you, it is possible to do it at home. You can remove links to make the band smaller, or purchase extra links and add them, to increase the size of the band.

Unclasp your watch band and lay it on a flat, clean surface with the face down. Look at the individual links to locate the removable ones. Removable links have small arrows etched into the surface of the metal.

Locate the pin holes on the sides of the removable links. The arrows on the links indicate in which direction you will have to push the pins to remove the links.

Insert your steel pin into the pin hole on the first removable link, in the direction indicated by the arrow. Lightly tap the end of the steel pin with the hammer if the watch pin resists your pressure.

Insert the end of the new bottom link into the new top link. Insert the end of the watch pin into the pin hole, following the arrow. Use the steel pin to push it all the way in, and gently hammer the end if it resists.