How to Make a Watch Band Smaller

by Vanessa Padgalskas ; Updated September 28, 2017

If your watch band is fitting loosely, you can remove one or more links from the band to make the watch band smaller. You will need to use a sharp tool that can be found in a hobby tool kit. You do not need to have professional experience working on watches to remove a link, but be careful not to scratch the watch band while performing the steps.

Turn the watch band on its side so you are looking at the edges of the band. Look for small holes with a pin in it on the links next the band clasp. If you look on the inside of the watch band you will see an arrow. The direction the arrow is pointing is the direction that you want to push the pin out. Push on the pin from the end opposite from the direction where the arrow is pointing.

Place your pointed tool in the middle of the hole on the edge opposite from the direction the arrow is pointing. If you do not have a sharp tool from a watch or hobby kit, you could use the sharp tip of a thumb tack. Push on the pin with force to push it out. Perform this step again on the second link. You will need to remove the pins from the two links that are closest to the clasp.

Remove one link from the band. Remember to put the extra link and its pin in a safe place in case you need to make the watch band larger one day.

Replace the pin in the next link to reattach the watch band to the clasp. Put the pin in the hole on the edge of the band and push it down with the sharp tool in the direction of the arrow. Push the pin all the way into the link.

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