How to Shorten the Band of a Fossil Watch

Shortening the band of a Fossil watch is an easy task that requires removing links from the band. Although Fossil makes different types of link watch bands, the steps involved in removing links apply to all Fossil bands.

Look on the inside of the watch band for two arrows appearing on the two links closest to the clasp. On the edge of those links you will see two holes where the pins are secured.

Put the sharp end of the thumb tack into the pin hole. Tap the flat plastic end of the tack with the hammer in the direction the arrows are pointing.

Remove the pin with pliers after the hammer pushes the pin out slightly. Pull the pin out straight. The pin will be ruined if it is bent.

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 to remove the second pin.

Remove one link from the band once both pins are removed. You will remove the link that is second in from the clasp.

Match up the two loose links like puzzle pieces. You need to fit them together so a pin can secure the links.

Insert a pin into the hole on the edge of the band. Use the hammer to tap the pin into place. Remember to follow the direction of the arrows. Replacing the pin reattaches the band.