How to Remove Two Screw Links in a Watch Strap

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Watch pins that can be pushed out of links are the most common type of watch pins, but some watches, including Rolex, have screw pins that must be screwed in and out of their links. Watch pins hold the links of a watch bracelet together, but only the pins on a few links near the clasp can be removed for resizing purposes. Removing two links from a watch bracelet will make the bracelet smaller.

Set your watch on a soft cloth to prevent it from getting scratched while you are removing links.

Turn the watch links on their edge, so the links are vertical. If you look on the edge of the links, you will see tiny screws. The tiny screws are the pin heads. Place the tip of your screwdriver on a pin head and unscrew it. Pull the pin out once it has been fully unscrewed, which will take about three or four turns. Do this again on two other pins next to the pin that you just removed. You will remove three pins total. You can use a screwdriver from a hobby or jeweler's kit.

Remove the two links that have no pins holding them in the watch bracelet. You will now have two extra links and two extra pins. Save these in case you need them in the future.

Slide the separated watch links together to connect the bracelet. The pin holes on the two links should match up, so a pin can connect them.

Insert the pin into the empty pin hole and screw it in with your screwdriver. The pin is completely inserted when the pin head is flush with the edge of the link.