How to Remove Links From an Omega Watch

An Omega watch is one of the more expensive watches made. However, the watch can only look its best if it is sized properly. If you receive an Omega watch as a gift, there is a strong likelihood that it will need to be re-sized before it can be worn. Fortunately, resizing Omega watches is not too difficult. As long as a person knows how to remove links from a watch, he can re-size it.

Take one end of the bracelet off of the connection at the watch face. This can be done by lining up the drift pin with a pin located in the watch’s links and then turning the screw.

Find the locking sleeve located in the center section of the bracelet. You will see that there is a notch on each end. On one end of the pin there is a small crimp which will correspond with the bracelet. Pull on the crimp to remove the pin.

Remove the link that is associated with the pin you just removed. Insert the pin back into link. Make sure the holes are aligned. It is important that the crimped end goes in last.

Use a hard surface like a nail file or Popsicle stick to push the pin back into place. Make sure all the holes are aligned. Be careful and insert the pin slowly. Failing to do so could leave marks on the links.

Give a couple of slight tugs on the links to make sure the links are in place. Put the watch back on your wrist. You have now successfully removed and replaced links on your Omega watch.