How to Open a Rolex Hidden Clasp Bracelet

by Kayla Lowe ; Updated September 28, 2017

Rolex is a popular brand of watches known to provide quality worthy of their high price tags. One popular feature of many Rolex watches is the hidden clasp bracelet watchband. This band has a hidden clasp so that it is not marred by a visible clasp and is more visually appealing. You can open a Rolex hidden clasp bracelet with relative ease.

Step 1

Locate the hidden clasp on the Rolex band by running your fingers along the inside until your reach the edge of the clasp, which sticks up slightly.

Step 2

Push gently upwards on the edge of the clasp to cause the clasp to snap upwards and release from the bracelet.

Step 3

Push the clasp up as far as it will go so that it falls loose, allowing you to slip the Rolex bracelet from your wrist.


  • You can see the clasp protruding from the inside of the bracelet if you lay the bracelet sideways on a flat surface.


  • Beware of handling your Rolex bracelet too roughly or pushing on the clasp with too much force, so you don't damage your bracelet.

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