How to Fix a Broken Elastic Bracelet

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Wearing your elastic bracelet while partaking in strenuous activities, stretching it continuously or wearing it for many years can cause it to snap and break. You no longer have to tie the ends in an unattractive knot in order to fix it. By using a small amount of fabric glue, you can make your broken elastic bracelet look as good as new.

Lay the broken elastic bracelet on a flat surface, with the elastic exposed at both ends.

Put on some rubber gloves. Then open the fabric glue, and place a dab on each end of the bracelet.

Bring the two ends together, and hold them there for the amount of time specified by the fabric glue’s manufacturer. Allow the glue to dry before releasing the ends.

Thread your needle, and knot the ends. This will keep the thread from slipping through the fabric when you begin to stitch it.

Insert the threaded needle into the top of the glued seam, and pull it all the way through until you reach the knotted ends. Begin stitching the mended tear from the top to the bottom, before knotting up the end.