How to Repair Pajamas

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Many children and grown-ups alike have a favorite set of comfy, snuggly pajamas that are just too cozy to part with. The trouble is, after years of wearing and washing them, pajamas become worn and tears or holes eventually form. Oftentimes, rips or holes will appear in high-stress areas of clothing, such as elbows, underarms and knees, meaning that the mending technique used must be strong and durable enough to repair the torn fabric and prevent future holes, rips or tears from forming. Learn how to patch your pajamas with a few supplies and simple needlework to extend the life of your favorite sleepwear.

Find a piece of fabric that is similar to your pajamas and cut out a piece for your patch. Cut the patch 1/2 inch larger than the hole, all the way around, so that the patch slightly overlaps the hole or rip.

Center and place the patch over the hole. Secure it in place with sewing pins so that it does not move as you stitch.

Thread a sewing needle with a long piece of thread and make a knot at the end to prevent it from pulling through the fabric.

Starting from the inside of the fabric, push the needle up through the edge of the hole and the patch on top of it, so that the stitch is about 1 cm from the edge of the patch. Pull the thread all the way through, then pierce the needle down through the patch and fabric from the outside. Continue stitching through the fabric and patch this way until you have gone all the way around the patch. Keep your stitches small, tight and close together for a strong mend.

Loop the thread and pull the needle through it after the last stitch, pulling tightly to form a knot. Repeat a few times before snipping the threaded needle away to prevent the knot and your stitches from coming undone.