How to Patch Small Holes in Polar Fleece

Fleece is a material made out of polyester and sometimes blended with other materials, such as spandex or cotton. Fleece is popular because it's a light fabric but can still offer the wearer a great deal of warmth without locking in sweat; fleece also offers a great deal of breathability. Polar fleece is slightly heavier and thicker than regular fleece. However, like a lot of fabrics, fleece is not indestructible and things like cigarette burns and sharp objects can cause holes and rips. Thankfully you don't have to live with such things and can repair your polar fleece so that it looks new again.

Examine your fleece garment and determine where the holes are. Turn your garment inside out.

Cut one large patch from the fleece material, enough so that it will cover all the holes. If the holes are spread farther apart, then cut out two or three smaller patches. Place the patches over the holes and check the size. Ensure that they cover the holes and yet have at least a 1-inch border of fabric around the hole. Trim if necessary.

Apply a ring of fabric glue to the perimeter of each patch. Press the glue side of each patch down onto its designated area. Press down hard and keep pressing until the patch is firmly on.

Turn the piece of clothing right side out. Trim any jagged, curled or puckered edges around the hole. The hole should now be virtually unnoticeable.