How to Get Fuzz Out of Polyester

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Polyester fabric keeps its color well, doesn't wrinkle, and keeps you warm during the winter; but some types of polyester can begin to pill. These pills tend to form around areas of high wear such as the seat of pants or the elbows. It can resemble fuzz and will make the polyester look old and damaged. Remove the pill fuzz as soon as possible to prevent more from forming.

Lay the polyester on a flat surface and smooth it out as much as possible.

Press packing tape into the polyester fuzz and rip the tape off. Much or all of the fuzz will come off with the tape.

Remove any remaining fuzz by rubbing it with fine sandpaper. Don't rub too hard as you could damage the fabric.

Rub the hook side of a piece of Velcro over the fuzz, if it is still visible. The hooks will pick up the pills.

Run a disposable razor over the polyester fabric to remove as many of the pills as possible, if the fuzz is still visible. Be careful not to snag the fabric when you run the razor over a seam or fold as the added bulk in these areas makes it easier for the razor to rip the fabric.