How to Patch a Waterproof Rain Jacket

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It is easy to damage a vinyl jacket, and a torn waterproof rain jacket is not going to keep you dry. You can, however, patch holes to restore your jacket's waterproof surface. You can save money by collecting the vinyl repair items individually rather than buying a manufactured kit. Make the vinyl patch yourself from a vinyl scrap. Use colorful vinyl and cut out a shape, such as a flower. Or, match the patch color to the vinyl jacket to make it less noticeable than a brightly colored patch.

Clip off any jagged edges sticking up around the damaged area on the jacket using scissors. This will help the patch stay flat and will reduce the likelihood of it falling off because of air bubbles in the adhesive.

Fold the cotton cloth in half and pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol onto it. Wipe the area around the damage to remove any debris. The adhesive will not bond properly unless the area is clean.

Trim the vinyl patch to the desired shape, making sure you round the corners. Pointed edges can end up causing the whole patch to peel off.

Slide a piece of waxed paper under the damaged area if the hole in the jacket is larger than a pinhole. The waxed paper will protect your work surface and the other side of the jacket from any excess adhsive seeping through the hole.

Apply a generous coat of flexible vinyl contact adhesive to the back of the vinyl patch. The adhesive should be thick enough to be shiny, with no dry spots, but not so thick it drips off the patch's edge. Let the adhesive air-dry for up to three minutes, then position the patch over the damaged area.

Press down on the center of the patch using your fingertips. Press out any bubbles in the adhesive by rolling your fingertips outward from the center. The rolling motion will let you push out air bubbles without moving the patch. Do not move the patch once you have placed it against the jacket or you might smear the adhesive. Allow the adhesive to dry completely, for at least eight hours, before wearing the jacket.