How to Glue a Leather Belt

by Samantha Volz ; Updated September 28, 2017

Valued for its durability, leather is one material used to make professionally-manufactured belts. Leather is available at your local fabric or arts and crafts store and can be made into an inexpensive belt to complete your favorite outfit. For your own belt, gluing two pieces of leather together can give you a stronger hold.

Lay the strips of leather for your belt on a flat work surface, rough sides facing up.

Apply a generous amount of all-purpose cement to the rough side of each leather piece. Some cement products may come with an application brush; if not, use a stiff-bristled brush to spread the cement. Spread it across the entire leather section, up to about 1/2 inch from the edge of the leather piece.

Press the leather pieces firmly together. Be sure to press your hands over the whole surface of the piece so the entire area receives a direct point of contact. If any excess glue escapes the seams, wipe it away with paper towels or a clean rag or towel.

Allow the glue to dry completely before continuing with design or wear. Drying times will vary; some adhesives can take up to four hours to dry. Consult your product's instructions for specific details.


  • Two possible adhesives for this project are all-purpose cement, recommended by Martha Stewart, and Leather Cement, specially designed for leather. These adhesives are commonly found in arts and crafts stores.

    If you want to make belt holes or other modifications to the leather for your belt, it will be easier to do so before gluing. Strong leather and all-purpose cements will make it more difficult to punch through the leather pieces once they are secured.

    Make sure you clean out any glue that gets pushed into belt holes during the gluing process. Dried glue in the holes could make it harder to fasten the belt later.

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